The Somethingtolove blog has been an idea I have toyed with for awhile now. I was craving a creative outlet and a place to write down all my  recipes, and messages that I was dying to share with you all.

This blog is devoted to helping others make more conscious decisions to live a better life. When we starts taking care of our bodies and minds, everything else starts to magically fall in to place. We start gaining a new perspective on life, health, and self love. I hope my posts inspire everyone to shine as bright as possible, because that is exactly what we were born to do.


My interest in health and wellness started when I found myself becoming a regular patient at the doctor’s office. It began with stomach issues and progressed from there. It truly felt as if every month I had a new strange symptom. I was terrified of food and dreaded meal times, because I knew it would result in pain. Not only was I dealing with pain, but I also started to decline mentally. I was anxious, depressed, and withdrawn. I went to numerous doctors, and they were all convinced I was fine, yet I always left with a new prescription to try.

My turning point happened when I spent an entire day on the couch, crying and clutching my stomach, staring at the clock and counting down the hours I could pop another pill- which did nothing for the pain. I began to realize that the only person that was going to turn this around was me. I had to become my own advocate. I started researching all of my symptoms, and was determined to get to the root of the problem. When I say I researched, I mean I researched. I spent entire days on the internet, until finally I found more holistic approaches.

The ultimate shift happened when I began to change the way I ate, adapting a completely plant-based diet. Within a couple weeks, 80% of my symptoms were gone. This shift in thinking has allowed me to help others, and to see that so many people struggle with problems that can be eased or cured by just changing what they eat.

Going plant-based opened so many new doors for me, and I thank God for the bumps in the road now, because it lead me to become a better person. I am so much more conscious of not just what I eat, but also of the world around me, and how many people are just sleep walking through life.

I am still on one hell of a journey, and am open to share my “aha’s” and “oh no’s” with everyone and anyone that is looking to better themselves physically and mentally. It is so important to find your true self- and I hope to be a part of that discovery.