Welcome To My Blog: Let’s Do This

Welcome To My Blog: Let’s Do This
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First off, a few words from your distinguished, educated, and experienced (lol) author: We are all beginners.


What a breath of fresh air though, to just let yourself stay in the beginner’s stage. I am okay with letting everyone out in The Universe, stumbling upon my blog, know that I am not a Guru. Yes, I have learned an abundance of knowledge involving wellness, but I am in fact, very new to this. Wellness is an extremely broad topic, so I will forever be researching and sharing new articles that spark my interest. I have decided to stay a beginner, because I choose to never close myself off from new information.


I am pretty sure anyone following their passion in to the wellness realm has stopped and thought to themselves : “If I wanted to truly change the world and become an expert on wellness, I should have started when I was like, five.”


There is so much to learn, and the second you decide you’re vegan, something else catches your eye and you are now a full blown lover of Ayurveda. This is why I chose the blog name Somethingtolove. I want to give you options, I want you to realize that one title may not be for you and that is okay. We are allowed, at any time, to change our views and try something new to reach our highest self. I am just hoping to be one of those guiding lights that sends you to certain topics that resonate with you, or at least help you find a yummy recipe for dinner!


Wherever you are in your journey, just know there is something out there for you to love, something exists. Take comfort in that. Wade through the fluff, read the articles and posts (or just stick to mine), and something will somehow reach its way to you and change you for the better. I truly hope one of those somethings will be this blog.


So, welcome to Somethingtolove. let’s do this. I am thrilled and exhilarated to have you all with me.